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This time of year is very busy for us. We’re on the road doing school programs, and sometimes book signings for Robert’s book “The Legend of Spinoza — The Bear Who Speaks from the Heart.”  The other day we were discussing how important it is to stay in balance. It is crucial, for us, and for everybody who lives in this out-of balance world. Our elders say, “Mind, Body, Spirit.” For if one of these is out of balance, it effects the other two. We stay in balance by:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Starting every day with gratitude
  • Drinking at least 64 oz. of pure water every day (or more!)
  • Eating whole, natural foods
  • Taking a brisk walk, exercising or doing a little yoga every day
  • Staying in touch with our emotions, and living from our hearts

These are simple things that we can all do, and it helps

Here’s a picture of Robert at a book signing at Prairie Edge in Rapid City, South Dakota:

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