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From: Bethann Morey
To: quest@thetalltrees.com
Sent: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 2:47 pm
Subject: Raymond elementary questions

First of all thank you for the positive assembly you provided for our students today.  There was lots of sign language being seen throughout the school day.  Our second grade class had some questions.


How did they put the color (picture) on the drum?

            What are the bottles and the box on the stage for?

How do the feathers stay on your head?

What was Mrs. TallTree holding during the flute song?

Do Native Americans haveuse  electricity?

Once again thank you,

Mrs. Morey’s Super Second Graders


Dear Mrs. Morey’s Super Second Graders,

Those are GREAT questions!! Here are the answers:

1.  Earth paints are made from natural vegetables and minerals (plants and ground rocks/soils) and mixed with natural animal fats/oils to make an oil paint. This is how the colors were put onto the drum.

2.  The feathers are attached with holders. The feather Mrs. TallTree wears is attached with a beaded barrette, and Mr. TallTree’s feather is held in place by a sewn in slot/pocket on his headpiece. It is specifically designed to hold the quill of the feather.

3.  During the flute song, Mrs. TallTree was holding a dance fan.

4.  Most Native Americans today have and use electricity, and live in houses just like you. There are some Native peoples who choose to live a more traditional way. For example, some of the Navajo people live in traditional hogans, and some of the Hopi people choose to live in adobe homes without electricity and running water.

We hope this answered your questions. Remember to use your Three Arrows wisely!









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