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Wow, this month is full of birthdays in our family.

Our oldest (first born) daughter, Brandi turned 33!!! She is one of our greatest joys, and such a blessing to us. She is an amazing artist, a trusted confidante, a beautiful woman, an incredible mother and so much more!!! . We love you so much, Punkin. Perhaps this will be the year you complete your first children’s book…

Our youngest, R.J. is turning 21 this year. Remember when he was so small he could fit in his Daddy’s hand? He has grown into a tall, handsome, intelligent, responsible man. He brings delight to everyone who crosses his path. He always has a kind word for everyone, and people are always telling us how proud we should be of him, and you know what? We ARE!!! Love you, son.

Aaron, our son-in-law, is celebrating his birthday this month, too. He has given us two beautiful granddaughters, and he always has a wonderful sense of humor and a genuine willingness to help whenever we need him. Thanks, Aaron. We love you!

Our spiritual brother, the Venerable Phra Ajahn Yantra Amaro Pikku … may the forest protect and nurture you always…happy birthday from your family in Colorado! We miss and love you.  You are always in our prayers.

And Ron, you are such a blessing to us and to the world! Your heart is so pure, and your loyalty is an inspiration, a life-boat, a treasure to us. You mean the world to us, and we miss you buddy!!! Your work is amazing and we are proud to call you brother. If you don’t know Ron, you’re missing out! Check out his website: www.ronglodoski.com

And Mike Link, you ROCK. Thanks for all the ways you’ve helped us throughout the years. You’ve always been there for us, whenever we needed any help. We are glad you are free to pursue your passion, and wish you the best birthday ever (so far)!

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Here’s a picture of us with Terri’s Dad, Chet Blood.

We love you Dad!

Thinking of Dad reminds us of the generations that have gone before us, and how they have done so much to make this world a better place. As Native Americans we have a strong tradition of honoring our elders, as do many other ethnic groups in the United States and throughout the world. It’s so important, now more than ever, to thank our parents and grandparents for the people that we’ve become, and for the sacrifices that they have made. 

May we always walk in a way that makes our ancestors proud and happy.

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