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Yesterday Megan, our booking agent sent us this video of a 7-year old autistic girl named Gina Marie Incandela singing the national anthem at an Orlando Magic game during their playoff series against the Boston Celtics. Talk about inspiration. This little girl has such a powerful voice, you would expect it to be coming out of someone at least 3 times her age, and about 3 times her body weight!

Just before the age of 2 Gina Marie was diagnosed with autism. She could not even speak until she was 3 years old. Now she’s 7 and she is singing the National Anthem at professional sports games and concerts across the country. Her parents sent her to a school for kids with special needs because when she tried to speak she had trouble forming words. Her teachers at the school used music to help her with her language skills. Who could have known what a gift Gina had?



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