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  This Monday, November 10th, the students and staff of St. Francis de Sales School had the opportunity to attend an inspiring assembly presented by best-selling author Chief Robert TallTree and his wife, motivational trainer Terri Lynn.  This is the second time that the TallTrees have visited our school. Both times, our students have been captivated by the TallTree’s performance, their message and presence. The significance of their stories and poignant music created an atmosphere that was not only educational but soothing and inspirational as well.  The TallTrees have traveled the world with their tales, having been featured on PBS, the BBC, Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel.  In addition to being a best-selling author, Chief TallTree is also a world renowned and Grammy-nominated recording artist and peace advocate.  The TallTrees spoke to our students about the Three Arrows of Power™, which is a Native American Guide to Living on Purpose.  To quote the TallTrees, “Every human being is born with Three Arrows of Power.  Our first arrow is the thoughts we think.  Our elders have taught us that our thoughts are more powerful than an automatic weapon!  So use your thoughts wisely.  Our second arrow is the words we speak.  Words are so sharp that they can cut like a knife.  Every one of us carries these scars.  Our third arrow is the actions we take.  We must learn to help one another and take care of the Earth.  With these arrows, we can change the world.  What a positive and moving message for all to learn!

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