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Adults, please be aware that children are not the only bullying predators and victims – not by half. As we’ve stated previously in our blogs, bullying is a learned behavior. Children are learning to be bullies from somebody.

Click here for an extremely informative document from the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries about workplace bullying, the differences between harassment and bullying, and various methods of dealing with it when it arises.

We were consulting with a business associate last spring who believed he was the victim of workplace bullying.  He said “Well, I’m just going to go tell my boss that she’s a big bully and I’ve had it.”  We advised him against that.  Remember:

  1. Adults or children displaying bullying behavior generally don’t know they are being bullies, or they wouldn’t be bullies.  Blaming, shaming, or confronting them is not going to help solve the problem.  (Although, as we told our friend, it could solve the problem by helping him to get terminated – no more problem!)
  2. If your workplace is a school or other organization that services children, and your workplace is rampant with adults bullying other adults, it is likely that it is rampant among the children too.  Again, bullying is a learned behavior.  If we want our children to change, we need to change first.

Gakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),

Chief Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree

“Teach us love, compassion and honor…that we may heal the Earth, and heal each other.”   – Ojibwe prayer

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